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Featured Artists
Ride the Sun
Ride the Sun.jpg

Ripple Recording Artist,  Ride the Sun are Lo-Fi Dirt Merchants that will rock your face off. 

Black Box Socitety
Armageddon Cover Final.jpg

Writing and Recording, Jon Armstrong and Twon meld electronica and rock to produce cinematicl & atmospheric songs

Jarabe Mexicano

Jarabe Mexicano captures the nostalgic spirit of their border roots with their charismatic brand of "Bordeño-Soul," which honors the musical tastes and cultural influences of its members. 

The Secret Seven
Secret Seven.jpg

Singer Songwriter Zach Goode (Lead singer of Smashmouth) brings his unique songwriting style in this 2013 release

Other Clients

Secret Seven- Turn Your Back to the Sea
The Very-  Self Titled
Kelsea Little- Personal Myth 
The Fairfield Fats Band- Straight Outta Clairmont
The Fairfield Fats Band- Seaforth Special
Kelly Fitzgerald- Different Kind of County
Wet Band
Secret Seven- How to Imitate Thunder
Post Crush- Self Titled
Sunday Hustle
The Fairfield Fats Band- Sky Riders
Mia Valentine
Taking Nasa- Self Titled Ep
Vocoder- The Black EP
Lisa Olson- LIV
​Steve Bequette
Hector Penalosa/The Zeros
​Mike Mercier/Leos Invention
​Triple Deez
​The San Diego Civic Youth Ballet- Showcase
​StellaNova Dance- Music for Performance
​Jarabe Mexicano
Alan Camp/ Fuzzi Huzzi
San Diego Model Railroad Museum 
The Fairfield Five

Red Hydrant Marketing

Marcos Curiel (POD)

Sulo King- Solo 


​Record,Co-Produce, Mix
Record, Co-Produce, Mix, Orchestral Arrangement
Record, Mix
Record, Mix
Record, Produce, Mix
Record, Co-Produce, Mix
Record, Mix
Record, Mix
Record, Mix
Record, Produce, Mix
​Record, Produce
Record, Mix
​​Record, Co-Produce, Mix
​Record, Co-Produce, Mix, Drummer, Orch.
Mix, Record​
Record, Mix
Record, Mix​
Record, Produce, Mix
Record, Mix, Produce
​Production, Sound Restoration and Mastering
Record, Produce, Mix and Master

Record, Mix, Master


Record, Mix, Master, Drums

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