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The Cabana was built in 2011 as a private studio by Twon Ridenhour so his fellow musicians would have a comfortable space to create music any time or day of the week.  After countless hours of recording jam sessions and cutting a few demos, Twon generated a buzz in the music community and  was asked to produce a couple of full-length albums for some prominent San Diego bands.  So, a small audio team was assembled and the Cabana opened the doors to the public.

The Cabana's first project was for “The Secret Seven” where Twon produced, engineered, tracked and mixed their critically acclaimed release, “Turn Your Back to the Sea.”  The Cabana was then put on retainer by Aural Gravy Record’s to exclusively produce and record their roster of budding artists.
The first in from AGR was “The Very,” who’s self titled album launched the band into becoming a serious contender in the local scene.  Both records were nominated for their production value and received recognition by the San Diego Music Awards.

Flash forward to today and The Cabana has become the “go to” studio in San Diego for some of the biggest artists in the region as well as a trusted post-production facility for a wide range of corporate clients.

Recently the Cabana enlisted long time friend and Universal Recording Artist Mike Kociela to assist in taking the studio to the next level.  Mike brings to the table over 25 years of experience in music production, songwriting/arranging and business management.  The first plan of action was to upgrade the heart of the studio, the console.  The Cabana purchased a late 70’s Neotek Series 1 analog recording console and enlisted master electronic engineer, John Musgrave, to fully refurbish it to perfection.  John is well-known nationally for his work in multiple high profile studios such as Capital Records, Rob Schnapf's and Robby Krieger's private studios, his company Mad Labs and for his signature Neve VR modifications.  Other improvements to the studio include the purchase of many classic off board pieces, high-end microphones and a complete overhaul of our digital landscape.

Needless to say, The Cabana has followed the path of organic growth and we are incredibly excited for what the future holds.  Come check us out - I’m sure you will find the atmosphere relaxed, the equipment top-notch and the vibe as one that fosters supreme creativity.

  • Apogee Symphony 32x32 Digital converters

  • Pro Tools DAW

  • Native Instruments Maschine

  • Waves, Soundtoys, UAD. pluse many more plugins

  • Vintage MADLabs Custom Neotek Series 1 Console- 24 x 8

Neumann U87ai, Flea 47 Tube, Royer 121, Rode NTK, CAD Trion 8000, Cascade Fat Head II (lundhal trans.) stereo pair, Sennheiser MD 421 x 4, Sennheiser 809e, Sure SM57 x 4, Sony EM-22p x 2, Studio Projects C-100, Groove Tubes- ST55 x 2, AKG D112, EV PL6, Blue Ball
Plus many more...

  • Neve V Series vintage console channel

  • BAE 1073 Pre/EQ

  • BAE 1023 Pre/EQ

  • API 312 Pre x 2

  • Focusrite ISA828 Pre

  • Emperical Labs EL-8 Stereo Pair

  • Universal Audio LA-610

  • Universal Audio 1176LN

  • DBX 160x

  • DBX Sub Harmonic Stereo

  • VTB1 Stereo Tube Pre x2

  • Adam A7x 

  • Yamaha Ns-10M

  • KRK Rokit 8

  • KRK-RP 10

  • Beyerdynamic DT990 pro

  • Dangerous Audio Monitor Controller

  • Bryston 4B Amplifier

  • 5 piece Battlefield Custom Drum Kit

  • Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals

  • Vintage Ludwig Hollywood Kit- 4 piece

  • Fender American Jazz Bass

  • Fender Bassman Ten

  • Fender Vibralux

  • Fender Twin Reverb

  • Vox AC30 handwired

  • Vox AC30 90's reissue

  • Ampeg SVT Classic 

  • Roland JX-305

  • Kurzweil PC88

  • ​Maschine Mikro

  • Fender Jazz Bass

  • Lp Bongos

  • Tycoon Jr. Congas
    plus access to many other classic and vintage amps

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